Q: Can I part exchange my motorhome?

A: We have a dedicated PX selling service on the site. Our experience will help you achieve a better price for your current motorhome by treating this as 2 separate transactions.

Q: If I order my motorhome from www.motorhomepoint.com, what happens next?

A: Your order will be emailed to us and we will telephone you to discuss it with you and confirm all of the details. We then place your order with the most competitive UK main dealership that we can find which will telephone within 2 working days to introduce themselves to you. From that point onwards you may deal directly with the dealer.

Q: Who do I pay my money to and when do I pay it?

A: You pay the dealership a deposit (the deposit is sometimes increased to match the value of any optional extras you add to your motorhome) when you place the order and you pay the rest of the money to the dealership by cleared funds on or before delivery.

Q: Do I get any warranties?

A: Yes, as you are purchasing from a UK main dealership, your warranties are exactly the same as if you order the motorhome from your local dealership.

Q: Where do I get the motorhome serviced?

A: At any main dealership or service outlet of your choice that meets the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty terms.

Q: Do you import the motorhomes?

A: We only put you in touch with UK main dealerships that are approved by the manufacturers.

Q: How can you get such good prices?

A: Our industry Knowledge means our contact base is broad. By using our service we do all the legwork for you. Competitive market prices, availability and only trusted dealers are our commitment to you.